What Kind Of Shells Do You Use?

FIELD custom drums are made with Keller 6/8 or 10 ply, 100% maple shells. The standard finish is either a hand buffed satin finish or one of our many high quality drum wraps.  Both the hand buffed satin finishes and the drum wraps come in a wide variety of colors. (Click here to see standard finish samples). In addition to our standard finishes we off over 100 high quality exotic AAA veneers.  (Click here to see veneer samples).

What Kind Of Finishes Do You Offer?

We offer a wide variety of wraps and finishes as well as veneers for you to choose from.


What Kind Of Bearing Edges Do You Make?

Our standard bearing edge is a double 45 degree edge which provides a true sound and resonance to the drum. The double 45 degree edge is also the most popular and widely requested edge and thus we use it as our standard edge. However, we can produce any edge that our customer desires. Please let us know during your order if you desire to have a different type of bearing edge on your drums and we will create what you want.


What Kind Of Hardware Do You Build With?

Our snares come standard with high quality throw-offs and feature the customer’s choice of our standard or upgrade lug options. In addition, our kits come standard with suspension mounting systems and floor tom leg mounting. Our standard hoops come in chrome, black chrome, and brass.Our customers have the ability to pick any kind of hardware they wish and in most cases, we can order rare or very custom parts. This section simply highlights what we include as standard features on our drums.


What Kind Of Mounts Are Included?

We offer isolation mounting systems as standard hardware on all of our kits (a kit consists of 2 or more toms with a bass drum, if only purchasing toms our isolation mounts can be included for a extra fee).


What Is Your Average Build Time?

Our current build time is approximately 60-90 days. We usually run a bit faster than those build times, but we provide these estimates as basic time frames for build outs. Please be advised those time frames can be a bit longer depending on many factors outside of our control. Lacquers and veneers typically take the longest.


 How Do I Place My Order?

You can select products individually from our PRODUCTS PAGE  and then add your products to cart by clicking on the add to cart button for each product you want to purchase.  Once you have selected all the products you wish to purchase, click on the view my cart option and follow the online instructions.  We accept all major credit cards (VISA/MASTERCARD/AMEX).

How Much Is Shipping & Handling?

Shipping and handling is typically $200 for drum kits and $35 for snare drums. We typically ship via FedEx or DHL and the average kit takes approximately 5 business days (within the continental US) to arrive (the number of days a kit/snare takes to arrive to you may vary for a many  number of reasons).

How much is shipping and handling?

S&H is added into the final payment.  It will vary depending on the weight and destination.  Shipping in the USA is usually 3-5 day, fully insured ground shipping for around $200 for a 3 piece kit (rack tom, floor tom, bass), and $35 for snares. Shipping overseas depends on the weight and destination of the package, please email us with your address for a more accurate shipping estimate. *Our S&H prices include packing, shipping, and insurance on the package.


All import duties and fees are the customers responsibility. Please check with your local Import Duties office. 

Field Electronic Drums is not responsible for any item if a customer refuses to pay duty fees that a country requires.  

Field Electronic Drums, LLC is not responsible for return shipping fees.


Will you send me samples?

If you’d like to see some of the finishes we offer, head over to the (Finishes page).  Unfortunately we do not supply actual samples at this time.


What is the average turn around time?

For Cymbals: Please allow a minimum of 7 days for production time.

For Drums: Please allow a minimum of 4-8 weeks production time.

It all depends on the creative difficulty of the drum(s) being built as well as back ordered supplies that are not in stock.


Returns and Exchanges?

Cymbals are returnable within 7 days of receiving for a 25% restock fee.

Custom drums are non refundable as drums are hand built and custom finished to each customers specific requirements.


Do you have a return policy?

We do not have a return policy on custom drums. Since our drums are custom made, we make what the customer orders. There will be no returns accepted.


What If I Want To Change My Mind Once I’ve Already Ordered?

Once your custom order is processed, we order all the parts and materials necessary to make your kit, therefore we cannot  allow changes or refunds once you have ordered.


How do I place an order & make a payment?

After you receive a quote and you are ready to order, email support@fieldelectronicdrums.com with “READY TO ORDER” in the subject bar. Payment methods will be discussed at this point.


How much is shipping and handling?

S&H is around $200 for a standard 3 piece kit and $35 for a snare being shipped in the U.S.

For shipments outside of the U.S. please send your address for an estimate.


Returns and Exchanges?

All sales are final. Seeing that everything we do is a made to order product, ALL orders are final. Once an order is placed and the parts are ordered, no changes or refunds can be made.  Orders that are neglected 1 month of finished product, will become property FIELD Electronic Drums, LLC.


How do I get a custom quote?

After you check out the Pricing and Drum Info and decide on the products you want, send an email of all the details to SUPPORT@FIELDELECTRONICDRUMS.COM for an official quote.  Please specify model numbers and colors.


How do I place an order & make a payment?

After you receive a quote and you are ready to order, email SUPPORT@FIELDELECTRONICDRUMS.COM with “READY TO ORDER” in the subject bar. Payment methods will be discussed at this point.


What are your payment and shipping options?

Credit Card or PayPal payments require UPS or FedEx shipping with insurance and tracking.

PayPal requires a full tracking service such as UPS or FedEx in order to be covered by their buyer and seller purchase protection policy.

Note: Due to PayPal policy, Using USPS Postal International Insured, buyer and seller protection is not covered because USPS International shipping is only track-able to the postal facility and not to the final destination. Full insurance for lost or damaged packages is also required.

We accept Western Union If using USPS Postal International Insured.

Using USPS is a more cost effective shipping option however offers limited international tracking.

All shipping service fees are paid at the time of purchase.

All import duties and fees are the customers responsibility. Please check with your local Import Duties office.

Field Electronic Drums is not responsible for any item if a customer refuses to pay duty fees that a country requires.

Field Electronic Drums is not responsible for return shipping fees.



How do I contact you?

Email is the best way to get in touch with us.

You can either fill out our contact form, e-mail us at support@fieldelectronicdrums.com, or you can call us at 513-400-DRUM between the hours of 10 AM – 5 PM EST. (Mon. – Fri.).

If you call get our answering machine, please leave a detailed message and we will get back to you within 24-48 hours on normal business days.


I wrote you an email but never got a response?

We do our best to answer every single email, Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, and Voicemail message within 24-48 hours. We pride ourselves on our quick and unrivaled customer service. If you have not received a response within 24-48 hours, please send the email again or give us a call as the message may have been sent to spam. Your questions are important to us and we want to hear from you! (If a message is sent on or just before a weekend, please allow a response until the following weekday.


Can I Visit Your Shop?

Unfortunately, we are not open to the the general public.


How Do I Get Endorsed By FIELD?

We do not utilize set pricing schemes or rigid percentage discounts when executing our endorsements.  If you feel you offer a legitimate benefit to showcasing our products, please contact us and send us a press package including CDs, videos, photos, write ups, your bio, other endorsements and/or anything else that you feel represents your abilities, to support@fieldelectronicdrums.com.  Please be advised that there is no guarantee you will get an endorsement and also that any material you send us will not be returned. (Please send us copies instead of original materials unless you don’t need to receive them back).

If we are interested and feel we can work something out with you, we will get in touch.

 ***Please no phone calls regarding endorsements.

Do you have any dealers?

We are currently only selling from our website but we are actively exploring dealer opportunities.

 *Dealers interested in selling FIELD Drums, please e-mail support@fieldelectronicdrums.com.


I just got my order in the mail, now what?

Take it out of the boxes, set your drums and cymbals up to your liking, plug in all the cables, power on your drum module, turn on your speakers or put on your headphones, and you should be ready to play!  See your drum module owners manual to further customize your settings to suit your playing style.


How do I adjust the settings of my drums and cymbals?

FIELD Electronic Drums and Cymbals are compatible with virtually any drum modules and are made to “plug and play.”  If you need to further customize your settings to suit your playing style you can simply refer to the owners manual for which ever drum module you are using. 

What separates FIELD from other custom drum companies?

Insert poignant dialog here.

We pride ourselves on commitment to quality and customer service. We strive to keep our customers happy with all aspects of their kit. We will go above and beyond to get you an exceptional, hand crafted product, with your vision in mind.

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