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Best of Both Worlds – Full Electronic and Acoustic Drums with a Removable Silencing Electronic Trigger System

  • 2 in 1 Drums – Acoustic OR Electronic
  • Play Loud OR Quiet
  • High quality custom craftsmanship.
  • Incredibly Accurate and Realistic Triggering Response
  • Dual Zone – Head and Rim Triggers
  • Highly compatible – works with virtually any sound module
  • Extremely Durable
  • High quality USA Keller maple cross laminated drum shells
  • High quality custom machined lugs and hardware
  • Hundres of finishes and colors to choose from

HYBRID 2 in 1 DRUM TRIGGER TECHNOLOGY Removable Trigger System that allows the drum to convert from Electronic to Acoustic or from an Acoustic kit to an Electronic kit. Silencing Drum Trigger that completely silences the acoustic drum head allowing for Accurate Triggering that Rivals the best electronic drums. Dual Zone Triggering that is compatible with any Drum Sound Module available.


ACOUSTIC DRUMS… Full Blown Acoustic Drums  Once the Removable Trigger System is removed then the drums are completely acoustic for extreme versatility. The acoustic drums are some of the finest aavailable. You truly get the best of both worlds with a Field Hybrid Drum Kit. Full Acoustic and Electronic.

Made in the USA All products are proudly hand built in the United States. We hand build, inspect and test every instrument prior to shipping. We are a group of Musicians, Engineers and Designers that take pride in our products.


*Custom Product Policy: All Field Electronic Drums cymbals and drums are considered custom items. Each product is custom hand built per each customers order and no two cymbals or drums are identical, thus making them custom items.

*Shipping Policy: All product purchases must be shipped to the buyers physical billing address, no exceptions. We do not ship to PO boxes or separate addresses unless product is paid for by money/bank transfer or by cash. All shipments must have tracking numbers and signed signature confirmation by the original buyer only.

View our warranty/policy.

Additional Information

Drum Size

Snare Drum 14″ x 5.5″

Drum Color

Afromosia, Amboyna Burl, Anigre Fiddleback, Anigre Quartercut, Ash Burl, Ash Figured, Ash Japanese Tamo, Ash Olive Burl, Ash Quartercut, Ash Quartercut Figured, Ash White, Avodire Quartercut Figured, Bamboo Narrow Caramel, Bamboo Narrow Natural, Beech Quartercut, Birch Figured, Birch Ice, Birch White, Bloodwood, Bordeaux, Bright Green, Bright Turquoise, Brilliant Flourescent Blue, Brilliant Scarlet, Bubinga Pommele, Bubinga Quartercut Figured, Bubinga Waterfall, Butternut, Camphor Burl, Carpathian Elm Burl, Cedar Spanish, Cedro, Cherry, Cherry Figured, Cherry Quartercut, Cherry Quartercut Figured, Chestnut Burl, Chestnut Quartercut, Coffeetree, Cypress, Dark Brown, Dark Green, Deep Violet, Douglas Fir, Ebony Black, Ebony Macassar Quartercut, Elm Red, Eucalyptus Beeswing, Eucalyptus Figured, Eucalyptus Figured Red, Eucalyptus Pommele, G Black Glass Glitter, G Blue Glass Glitter, G Ginger Glass Glitter, G Gold Glass Glitter, G Green Glass Glitter, G Grey Glass Glitter, G Pewter Glass Glitter, G Pink Glass Glitter, G Pruple Glass Glitter, G Red Glass Glitter, G Silver Glass Glitter, G Tangerine Glass Glitter, G Turquoise Glass Glitter, G White Glass Glitter, G Zebra Glass Glitter, Gogo Figured, Golden Amber, Goncalo Alves, Gum Figured Red, Hickory, Imbuya Burl, Imbuya Pommele, Indigo Blue, Ipe Quartercut, Iroko, Jatoba, Karelian Burl, Koa, Lacewood Quartercut, Larch Quartercut, Laurel Burl, Lauropreto, Lemon Yellow, Lemonwood, M’futu, Madrone Burl, Magenta, Mahogany Crotch, Mahogany Drape, Mahogany Fiddleback, Mahogany Figured, Mahogany Flatcut, Mahogany Quartercut, Mahogany Quartercut Figured, Mahogany Seagrass Quartercut, Makore Crotch, Makore Pommele, Makore Quartercut, Makore Quartercut Figured, Makore Quilted, Maple Ambrosia, Maple Birdseye, Maple Burl, Maple Curly, Maple Curly Quilted, Maple Curly Rotary, Maple English Curly, Maple English Quartercut, Maple Fiddleback Western, Maple Quilted, Mappa Burl, Mozambique, Myrtle Burl, Navy Blue, Nigrosine Black, O 60’s Oyster Black, O Black Onyx, O Blue Onyx, O Oyster Black, O Red Onyx, O Turquoise Oyster, O White Oyster, Oak English Brown, Oak Red Figured, Oak White Burl, Oak White Quartercut, Oak White Rift Cut, Olive Ash Burl, Olive Mediterranean, Orange Red, P Antique White Pearl, P Black Diamond Pearl, P Black Pearl, P Blue Pearl, P Blue White Pearl, P Charcoal Pearl, P Green Pearl, P Mediterranean Pearl, P Polar Ice Pearl, P Red Pearl, P Topo Gold Pearl, P Vintage Sky Blue Pearl, P Vintage White Marine Pearl, P White Pearl, Padauk, Pau-Ferro, Pearwood, Pelin Burl, Pepperwood Burl, Planetree, Primavera, Purpleheart, Red Violet, Redwood Burl, Redwood Quartercut, Rosewood, Rosewood Brazilian, Rosewood East Indian, S Black Sparkle, S Blue Sparkle, S Champagne Sparkle, S Gold Sparkle, S Green Sparkle, S Lime Sparkle, S Merlot Sparkle, S Purple Sparkle, S Red Sparkle, S Silver Sparkle, S Turquoise Sparkle, Sapele Pommele, Sapele Quartercut, Satinwood African, Satinwood Brazilian Quartercut, Satinwood Ceylon Quartercut Figured, SF Blue Satin Flame, SF Gold Satin Flame, SF Lemon Lime Satin Flame, SF Marmalade Satin Flame, SF Red Satin Flame, SF Turquoise Satin Flame, SF White Satin Flame, Silver Grey, Teak, Teak Figured, Tineo Figured, Violet, Walnut, Walnut Burl, Walnut Crotch, Walnut European Burl, Walnut Figured, Walnut Figured Quartercut, Walnut French, Walnut Stump, Wenge, Yew, Zebrawood


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