RAW SERIES 18” Ride Cymbal


Choose either Dual Zone or Three Zone:

Dual zone = BOW, BELL    (Includes touch sensitive choke)

Three zone = BOW, BELL, EDGE    (Includes touch sensitive choke)


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Product Description

18″ Electronic Crash/Ride Cymbal

The only traditional sized and shaped Electronic Crash/Ride Cymbal made from Hand Hammered Bronze for 100% Authentic Feel and 100% High End Bronze look. These are not the standard stamped brass cymbals others make but Real Bronze Hand Hammered Cymbals.

18″ Electronic Crash/Ride Cymbal main features:
• High quality hand hammered bronze
• Optional single, dual, or three zone configuration
• Touch sensitive choke
• Zone isolation technology
• S.D.T.S. Trigger mutes the acoustic cymbal noise leaving only the sound of your sticks hitting
• Compatible with a wide range of drum sound modules



What sets Field Electronic Drums apart from the rest is touch sensitive incredibly accurate, modular, self dampening triggering system called S.D.T.S. SDTS has been developed and added to Field Electronic Drums and Cymbals to provide touch sensitive response, zone isolation, and precise triggering. Combining the SDTS technology and high quality hand hammered bronze cymbals provides an unparalleled playing experience.


Field Electronic Drums has developed the most accurate and realistic Cymbal Choking/Muting system for metal electronic cymbals with no moving parts to wear out or become damaged by excessive stick hits. The choking muting system is the most realistic available resulting in an extremely fast and accurate choke/muting response. Only the slightest touch of your fingers will choke the cymbal. Rubber cymbal triggers require squeezing the choke to mute the cymbal, no hard squeezing is needed with our Touch Choke. The Cymbal feels just like a real acoustic cymbal.



*Modules, stands, and cables sold separately

Pat Pend.

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Dual Zone, Single Zone, Three Zone

Choke Feature

Cymbal WITH CHOKE, Cymbal with NO CHOKE


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