On behalf of our entire FIELD Team, I am glad to let you know there are a lot of exciting new things happening here at FIELD. 

Being a drummer and designer, I understand the importance of an electronic drum kit that not only looks great but plays even better and can last a lifetime.

Perhaps the most important thing I have learned over the past decade is that it takes a team to achieve the highest level products possible.  As such, we have listened to all of our customers and the demand of modern drummers, producers, engineers, stage managers and many more.

Our skilled team consists of musicians, audio engineers, electrical engineers, designers, attorneys, and various skilled labor individuals all focused on the common goal of progressing the drum community as a whole.

Being artists and engineers ourselves, we demand high quality, reliable gear and refuse to accept the limitations of rubber electronic drums and cymbals.  Just like you, our quality standards are HIGH and we want the BEST playing experience possible. We truly feel we are offering products that are “by the people for the people!!!”

And so… We are excited to introduce to you what we feel are the most realistic feeling and looking electronic drums and cymbals being made today.  


Todd Field

Founder / Owner